Bund Lining & Waterproofing

June 02, 2015

Concrete Bund Lining with Liquid Rubber Membranes

Waterproofing a Bunding Tank

The durability and flexibility of Liquid Rubber membranes provide the ultimate waterproofing solution for concrete bunding tanks, steel tanks and other storage applications.

A bund is a containment area housing overflow leaks and spillage from adjacent tanks and pipes.

These bunded containments must be completely impervious to liquids as they frequently contain toxic and environmentally damaging liquids.

However bunds can lose this capability due to aging, cracking, chemical erosion and damage

Consequentially the bunding waterproof coating needs to have a high level of chemical resistance and durability that can tolerate harsh environments.

Bund Lining System

Liquid Rubber is spray applied seamlessly onto concrete, steel, metal

Flexible and elastic so can move with substrate.

UV resistant so does not crack or degrade with UV light.

Unlike most coatings, can be applied on damp surfaces

Installation is quick and cost effective.

Suitable for internal and external areas.

A liquid waterproof coating is a tough,chemical and UV resistant membrane that is ideal for protecting concrete, metal and steel bunding containment areas.

Chemical Tank Bunding – A Waterproofing System

Liquid Rubber provides all the answers for the ultimate Bund Lining System.

Liquid Rubber is rapid curing – chemically resistant- offers extreme flexibility – and one coat spray-applied system.

These are the ideal properties and characteristics for a robust long lasting bund tank waterproofing system.