Elastomeric Roof Coatings – Liquid Rubber Waterproofing Membranes

November 05, 2019

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Liquid Rubber Membranes are an environmental spray-on waterproofing system providing a strong, flexible, seamless membrane.

Liquid Rubber was developed to solve the problems that continually arise in the use of conventional membrane systems with joins, seams, overlaps, heat, fumes & VOCs.


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Spray On Waterproofing 

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  • Spray On Waterproofing uses NO flames, heat, fumes or VOCs.

  • Liquid Rubber is  monolithic with seamless properties, giving the membrane the ability to conform to every roof configuration. 
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  • With the growing need of structural durability coupled with green building requirements, LIQUID APPLIED MEMBRANES provide the construction and infrastructure markets  with high end waterproofing systems. 

Advantages of Liquid Applied Waterproofing Membranes

The primary advantages of using Liquid Applied Membranes (LAMs) are:

  • LAMs flexibility, adhesion, economical, proven performance life, and ease of use. 

  • FAST application - Liquid Rubber is a one-component product and spray-applied directly onto roof surface.

  • For obvious OH&S reasons, the use of cold-applied waterproofing systems provided an  alternative to the use of heat or open flame - Torch On Membranes. 

  • These are non-flammable products with no VOCs .

  • Monolithic (SEAMLESS) - NO joins, seams or overlaps.

  • Extreme Adhesion to most roof substrates.


Certified Melbourne Waterproofing Company

-   Liquid Rubber is an elastomeric roof coating .

- It has  a "memory" and so is  robust, tough & durable when cured.

-   Proven coverage.

- Liquid Rubber is a spray-on application so every nook and cranny is filled with a 1.5 - 3.00 mm overall thickness.  

-   Self healing properties allow the membrane to close up on itself.

- LIQUID APPLIED MEMBRANES actually repel impact.   

Melbourne  Certified Liquid Rubber Applicator


Liquid Rubber waterproofing products are Australian manufactured with  quality ingredients.

Findlay-Evans, Melbourne Waterproofing Company, are Certified Liquid Rubber applicators.

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Case Study - Waterproofing Concrete Roof Slab (Melbourne)


Certified Melbourne Waterproofing Company