UV Reflective Roof Waterproofing Membranes

March 31, 2016

Commercial Roof Repairs - Waterproofing Membranes


Liquid Rubber is the ideal waterproofing membrane solution for all roofing repairs and maintenance.

Liquid Applied Membranes provides a flexible & monolithic waterproof membrane that is ideal for roof and rooftops.

Liquid Rubber's unique properties create a seamless spray applied waterproofing membrane that will move with the thermal conditions of the roof.

This is a terrific waterproofing membrane for busy roofs with plenty of penetrations and services.

Liquid Rubber can be spray into a continuous seamless barrier up walls and around rooftop decks and plant equipment.

Restoring rooftop membranes with spray-applied Liquid Rubber provides a long term solution for just about all roof surfaces i.e concrete, timber, metal.

  • Using Liquid Applied Membranes, it is possible for our Waterproofing Specialist Team to overcoat an existing leaking roof without the cost & inconvenience  of roof removal.
  • This is an enormous cost & time saving method and incredibly less disruptive -especially for commercial and infrastructure buildings.
  • Liquid Rubber waterproof membrane is unique, water based, cold applied membrane that is like no other in that there are no flames or heat whatsoever involved in its application.
  • Liquid Rubber is a seamless application, is 100 % environmentally safe, maintains elasticity, is UV resistant and has a long life span and also non combustible.
  • Liquid Rubber is also ideal for a roof requiring rust prevention and can be used effectively to ensure asbestos encapsulation.

Thermal White Top Coat is designed for long term outdoor exposure and remains flexible under extreme elongation and under constant exposure to moisture.

Liquid Rubber technology allows the life of your current roof to be extended without the need for expensive roof replacements.

Liquid Applied Membranes will seal leaks, reduce heat build-up and rain noise and considerably extend the service life.

The waterproofing barrier instantly set upon application and will withstand ponding water 365 days a year.

There are very few waterproofing membranes on the market that will not deteriorate over time with "ponding" water.

Liquid Rubber can be applied directly over most substrates including:

  • Concrete
  • Metal
  • Timber
  • Over Existing Membrane : asphalt, bitumen etc

Liquid Rubber will conform to any shape of roof, flashing, protrusion, roof penetrations; and on both vertical and horizontal surfaces..

This is a flexible and seamless waterproofing membrane that will not cracks - a common failing of traditional membranes.

  • Being a liquid, Liquid Rubber is a monolithic and seamless surface - without joins, seams or areas of weakness.
  • Liquid Rubber products have unique flexibility properties allowing elongation with roof and substrate movement.
  • Liquid membranes have the capability to bond to just about any surface and can be used as a strong adhesive in its own.
  • Liquid Rubber is solvent based and installed by fast cold spray-application.
  • This means large areas are covered quickly-- three times the surface area can be waterproofed compared with traditional sheet membranes.
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