Moisture Barrier Under Concrete Slab

Liquid Rubber Membrane - Vapour Barrier

Liquid Applied Waterproofing Membranes cure to form 

a seamless & durable vapour barrier 

for below ground structures & under concrete slabs. 

  • The purpose of a vapour barrier is to provide a robust membrane material that will resist diffusion of moisture or gases through ceilings, floors and walls.
  • Vapour barriers bond to poured concrete and prevent ingress of water, gases & chemicals - for use under slab, foundation or basement walls.
  • Liquid Membrane systems are engineered for below slab construction. 
  • Liquid Membrane systems remain unaffected by ground settlement beneath concrete slabs.
  • Non-Toxic & no VOCS - does not use flames, heat or solvent adhesives.

Installing Concrete Slab Vapour Membrane  

Video Case Study

Liquid Rubber Membranes are spray-applied

as a continuous seamless vapour barrier.

  • This means there are no joins, seams or overlaps which are often areas of potential of weakness due to rupture and/or breakages.
  • Provides waterproof protection not only horizontally but also vertically up walls and around penetrations, pipes & upturns. 
  • Liquid Applied Membranes are particularly suited for use as gas vapour barriers for containing methane & VOC intrusion.

Vapour Barrier - Concrete Slab

Video Case Study