Rooftop Waterproofing in Melbourne

September 28, 2017

Rooftop Waterproofing in Melbourne


What is the ideal waterproof roof coating for complete roof restorations and/or roof leak repairs?

Roof Waterproofing Methods in Construction

  • Roof waterproof membranes are continually exposed to extensive climatic conditions and using the correct product is critical.
  • With time roof coatings with seams and joins can separate as a result of this movement and allow water to move into and track under the membrane.
  • Water can travel quite some distance from the point of entry and can possibly be challenging to find the source of the water leak.
  • Roof coatings can deteriorate rapidly resulting in extensive damage to spaces below, surrounding infrastructure & associated buildings.
  • The normal cyclic temperature movement of roof expansion & contraction, ageing and drying of sheet waterproof coatings can result in crack and splits in the membrane surface.

Sheet Membranes with seams & joints.


Roof Waterproofing Products

  • Liquid Rubber is a spray-applied membrane that will overcoat and make watertight just about any failed and leaking roof surface.
  • Using Liquid Rubber eliminates the need for stripping old material providing an ideal over coating for most substrates including asphalt, timber, concrete, corrugated asbestos, metal and insulation boards for both pitched roofs and flat roofs installations.
  • Furthermore since Liquid Rubber fully bonds to the substrate it provides the ideal solution for rust prevention and asbestos encapsulation.
  • Liquid Rubber system does not involve HEAT APPLICATION - there is no naked flame. This is important for roof projects which may have utilities etc located on the surface.


Rooftop Coatings 

Leaking roof repairs, restoration & remediation are solved with one single coat of spray- applied liquid waterproofing membrane.

Liquid Rubber Membranes

  • Seamless - Monolithic - No joints.
  • No Flames, Solvents
  • Does not involve Heat Application.
  • Cost effective alternative to re-roofing.
  • Suitable for all roof surfaces: metal, asbestos, timber, and concrete.
  • Liquid Roof Waterproofing is spray applied and in one pass will create a flexible & seamless roof coating.
  • Liquid Roof membranes will completely encapsulate  & overcoat existing failed sheet/torch-on waterproofing.

Liquid Membranes conform to shape


Rooftop Deck - Waterproofing Method

Liquid Membrane conforms to clip lock metal roof.


Liquid Rubber is spray applied under roof utilities.

Very often a roof deck may be" busy"- multiple utilities located on the roof.

  • Rooftop decks need to be sealed & waterproofed around and under all structures.
  • Liquid coatings are particularly suited to these roofs, as a liquid membrane  will conform to any shape.
  • Liquid Rubber is spray applied to a rooftop using our purpose built mobile spray outfit.
  • This means that multi level rooftops are easily waterproofed despite what the access is like.
  • Areas underneath tequipment deck platforms require specialised attention - the Liquid Roof coating is sprayed through the roof platform and under all structures.


Waterproof Membrane for Concrete Roof

Liquid Membranes are an ideal waterproof coating for flat roofs.

  • Many roof membranes can not withstand "ponding" water.
  • Ponding water is defined as the water which remains on a roof 48 hours or longer.
  • Many sheet & torch on membranes can not withstand "ponding" water.Just one of the various unique properties of Liquid Rubber Membranes is the ability to withstand "ponding" water.

Liquid Rubber Membranes have the ability to withstand "ponding" water.

Adverse Effects of Ponding Water on Roofs

  • Deformation of the deck structure: Ponding water can substantially increase the load on roof decks. As water accumulates, deck deflections can increase, thereby resulting in additional ponding water which could compromise the structural integrity of the deck.
  • Damage to the roof surface: Ice formations develop and move constantly with changes in temperature. This movement can “scrub” the roof membrane to such an extent that considerable physical damage to the membrane can occur.
  • The growth of algae and vegetation: When water stands for long periods of time, algae and vegetation growth will likely occur, and may cause damage to the roof membrane. Additionally, vegetation and other debris can clog drains and cause additional ponding.
  • Accumulation of dirt, debris and other contaminants in the ponding area: These elements can affect and damage the membrane surface.


Waterproofing Product for Metal Roof


Liquid Applied Waterproofing is recognised as industry leaders for roof waterproofing systems within the industrial & commercial construction sectors.

  • Liquid Applied Membrane will encapsulate all sections of a flaking, peeling and rusting metal roof and completely seal a concrete roof.
  • Liquid membranes will make water tight ponding areas, metal seams and around roof penetrations and rains.
  • There is no need to replace the roof and/or existing old membrane as liquid coatings spray over all surfaces.
  • Viable long-term alternative to removing and replacing the existing roofing material.Installation without disrupting the workplace or effecting below.
  • Fast Spray Application- without disrupting the workplace or effecting below.
  • Preserves the life, look & longevity of structures & buildings - 100% waterproof barrier and outstanding adhesion.


Qualified Roof Waterproofers in Melbourne

Commercial & Industrial Roof Waterproofing & Repairs

Findlay-Evans Waterproofing serves Melbourne metro area & Victoria

Remedial works and waterproofing very often require the combination of building knowledge & experience together with specialist re-meditation skills.

  • Findlay - Evans Waterproofing provide roof & rooftop water proofing solutions.
  • Our professional, well trained and experienced staff will expertly handle any roof water or foundation issue you may have.
  • Chances are that we have successfully solved your exact leaking roof  problem - metal, concrete r timber - many times  before , but if you do have something unique, we will use our expertise and experience to figure out the perfect solution to your specific issue.
  • We will assess the problem, determine the best solution and provide you with our detailed  proposal. 

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