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August 17, 2017

How to Stop a Metal Roof from Leaking

Metal roofs are susceptible to water infiltration & have unique waterproofing challenges.

Leaking metal roofs can be difficult to repair due to roof seams, flashings, vents, upstands etc which can be a source of water leaks.


Metal Roof & Water Leaks

  • Corrugated metal & clip-lock surfaces have joins & seams.
  • These are areas of weakness &  may allow water ingress with time.
  • Roof water leaks can occur multiple places over the entire  surface making detection of  source/s difficult .
  • Metal roofs are designed either with flat or minimal fall  -  water tends to “pond” on the metal surface.
  • Metal roofs are designed either with flat or minimal fall  -  water tends to “pond” on the metal surface.
  • Due to metal roof configuration, profiles, seams and multiple layers ; patching  is short term investment and at some stage this becomes unviable to maintain a water-tight roof.

Waterproofing Method for Metal Roof

Providing a viable long-term solution to waterproofing an existing metal roof without having to removing and replacing the existing roofing material.

Successful water proof application and method must provide solutions

  • Repairs to a metal roof surface that is quick & efficient - without creating a construction site that will impact existing business.
  • Waterproof membrane contour around roof fixtures; i.e. heating and air conditioning
  • Method of waterproof application suitable to accessing rooftops & difficult areas.
  • Spray applied waterproofing is installed without affecting or disrupting the workplace beneath.
  • Liquid Membranes are sprayed within difficult to access rooftops

Metal Roof Coatings

There are many waterproof products available.

However not all are suitable for roof repairs to stop water leaks.

Roof waterproofing membranes must be able to :

  • Withstand temperature fluctuations.
  • Robust to weather conditions, pollution, UV resistant.
  • Flexibility to expand & contract with metal surface.
  • Conform to profiles & shape of metal roof. 
  • Make water tight all roof utilities & plant decks.
  • Withstand “ponding” water due to low slope of metal roof.
  • Long life & robust adhesion to metal surface

Fixing Roof Leaks

Liquid Membranes will make a roof water tight & renew the surface.

Roof Waterproofing Melbourne

Spray Apply Waterproofing is installed without affecting or disrupting the workplace beneath.

  • Liquid Membranes can be applied in a single coat to combat leaking & rusting metal roofs.
  • Waterproofing that is up to 750% elastic - will expand and contract with the metal surface.
  • Applied directly with no priming, offers a 100% waterproofing formula and outstanding adhesion.
  • Fast-acting protective roof coating and preserves the life and performance of metal roofs.
  • Preparation provides reinforcement over metal seams and joins so water cannot seep through.
  • All areas of rust, cracks & holes are detailed.

Using Torch-On & Sheet Membranes 

Waterproofing products such as Torch On & Sheet Membranes have many disadvantages when it comes to roof waterproofing  - especially metal roof. 

  • Seams & joins are areas of weakness.
  • Utilising heat and/ or fumes - creates OH&S issues.
  • Unsuitable method and equipment for elevated rooftops & difficult access.
  • Difficult to make watertight around metal profiles, penetrations, upstand & shapes.
Torch On Membranes
Torch On Membranes
sheet waterproofing membrane
sheet water proof membrane

Video Case Study

Failed Torch On Membrane

Best Roof Waterproofing Membrane – Liquid Rubber

  • Liquid Waterproofing is the ideal roof waterproof membrane.
  • Alternative to the disadvantages of Sheet, Torch-On & bitumen products.
  • Liquid Coatings are SPRAY APPLIED over the existing surface.
  • Spray application provides a robust and long-term solution to roof leaks – concrete, metal or timber.
  • Re-coating an existing roof avoids the costly & expensive removal of the existing roof.
  • Membranes that are seamless & elastomeric and with the advantage of extreme and full adherence – comes with a 15 year warranty.

Liquid Applied Waterproofing Membranes (LAMs)

Liquid Applied Membranes are revolutionizing roof repairs and waterproofing.

Liquid Rubber can be used over flat and low-sloped roofing substrates, vertical surfaces, flashings, parapet walls, and penetrations.

waterproofing applicator melbourne
Spray waterproofing membrane
  • Fast spray application directly over leaking roof surface.
  • Restore and repair a leaking roof with a single spray application.
  • No need to remove existing old bitumen, epdm, sheet and/or torch-on membranes.
  • Liquid Membrane will stretch & move with metal roof.
  • Spray Apply Waterproofing conforms to corrugations & around roof facilities.
  • Thermo Top Coat available for insulation & heat reflective.
  • Liquid Coatings are sprayed over the existing roof - without costly downtime & inconvenience of old membrane removal.
  • New generation Liquid Membranes incorporate polymers providing long life roof coatings.
  • Spray Apply - rapid installation – up to 3 x times faster than other roof waterproofing methods.
  • Liquid Membranes form a permanently robust & seamless membrane.
  • Ideal for awkward & "busy" roof details such as A/C units, pipe penetrations, upstands & gutters etc.
  • Resist most acids and aqueous alkalis, aliphatic hydrocarbons, pollution and climatic conditions.

Video Case Study

Solar Heat Reflective Roof Coatings

Commercial & Industrial businesses become aware of their effect on the environment, and increasingly adopting environmental solutions.

Heat Reflective Roof Coatings

Roof Waterproofing Melbourne
  • Liquid Membranes are VOC free, Non-toxic, No Solvents or Fumes.
  • White Top Coat will reduce the metal roof surface temperature.
  • Solar Designed to be applied over Liquid Rubber Waterproofing Membrane forming a thermal shield.
  • Our reflective roof topcoat absorbs less sunlight than a conventional roof.
  • Lowers the roof’s surface temperature, reducing inside temperature approx 8-10 degrees.
  • UV resistant, does not soften and has excellent chemical resistance and durability.
heat reflective roof coatings

Video Case Study

Roof Waterproofing Contractor – Specialist Builders

20 years of experience and expertise in the commercial application of roof waterproofing systems.

waterproofing applicator melbourne
Spray waterproofing membrane
  •  A waterproofing company with building experience – a critical point of difference when solving structural damage & remedial works.
  • A waterproofing company that can solve & micro-manage all your remedial & property water damage problems - what a relief!
  • A waterproofing company with guarantees & warranties – we stand behind all our work because our technicians are fully trained – no subcontract labour

Findlay & Evans Waterproofing

  • Findlay & Evans  Waterproofing offer a seamless waterproof membrane which is ideal for roof applications.
  • Fast to apply and meets all the requirements of health, safety and environmental issues.
  • Suited to almost all common types of industrial roofing; including corrugated fibro, aluminium, steel, concrete, timber, asbestos, bitumen.
  • Liquid Rubber can be applied directly over failed sheet membrane systems - avoiding the cost & inconvenience of roof removal.
Waterproofing Specialist Melbourne

Small Projects  - DIY Waterproofing 


DIY Roof Waterproofing & Repairs

Liquid Rubber the Ultimate Waterproofing Coating!

DIY Enthusiasts and Professional Tradesmen

These products are great for the builder, plumber, tradies, farmer, boaties, campers/caravans in fact can be used by all DIY enthusiasts and tradies.

  • Easy to apply.
  • Cost Effective
  • Long term waterproofing membrane for all roof surfaces.
  • Requires no pre-mixing or hardeners.
  • Adheres just as strongly to concrete, timber, steel and most substrates.

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