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Insurance statistics often quote: waterproofing makes up approx 2% of building costs, but account for over 80% of building defect claims.

According to Paul Evans, the current President of the Australian Institute of Waterproofing (AIW), waterproofing defects and water leaks stem from several areas.

"Amongst many architects, designers and building surveyors, understanding of waterproofing is poor. 

This places responsibility for ensuring work is done correctly almost entirely onto the building contractor.

Unlike in Queensland, licensing of those conducting licensing work in Victoria is non-existent – as are trade licensing requirements generally outside of plumbing and electrical.

This means anyone can undertake waterproofing work irrespective of their level of skill, knowledge or expertise.

As mentioned above, Australia unlike the United Kingdom has no below ground standard for waterproofing.

As a result, there is no standardised way to address below ground waterproofing issues.

Fourth, beyond the prevention of water ingress, Evans says little if any thought is given toward control and drainage of any water which has been repelle​

Finally, the Australian construction industry remains largely ignorant of poor waterproofing repercussions and therefore adopts a blaze approach toward this area.

Often, Evans said, waterproofing is not even nominated   in specifications with which builders are presented during tender processes."

Article " Australia Must Improve Waterproofing Standards And  Practices" originally published HERE

Paul Evans is Manager/director of Findlay-Evans Waterproofing: www.waterproofingfew.com.au

Water Damage due to Leaking Balconies 

Balconies, rooftop terraces and walkways are often exposed to the harsh Australian climate and the destructive  elements  rain, sunlight and freezing conditions. 

Balcony Defects & Water Leaks

VIDEO - Leaking Balcony Restoration

How to Restore Leaking Balconies 

  • Solving leaking balconies requires a waterproofing system that will work and last!
  • There are many balcony waterproofing options available on the market, but some have their shortcomings and not all are appropriate for the remedial sector.
  • For instance, the torch-on method due to heat can cause damage and all sheet membranes have seams that can de-laminate and tear.
  • This is why we use the gold standard of waterproofing systems -  liquid applied membranes - for all our balcony restoration work.

VIDEO - Balcony Repairs Without Removing the Tiles 

Using Liquid Rubber Waterproofing System

  • Liquid Rubber provides a strong, flexible and seamless waterproof membrane.
  • Being liquid applied, Liquid Rubber is an ideal waterproofing system to protect and seal around  balustrades, penetrations and upturns on vertical surfaces. 
  • The extra elasticity of the membrane means it will move with the balcony surface. 
  • Liquid Rubber membrane also withstands weather conditions and will not oxidise, crack  or loosen with time.
  • Liquid Systems can be used on the most complex of details, which are often found, for example, around handrail supports, thresholds, rainwater outlets and downspouts.
  • Spray On membranes are  truly the ultimate gold standard in waterproofing.
  • Liquid Systems can be used on the most complex of details, which are often found, for example, around handrail supports, thresholds, rainwater outlets and downspouts.
  • Liquid Applied Membranes are hard wearing systems with long life and robust adherence to all balcony substrates and can be structurally reinforced.

Balcony Repairs & Restoration - Commercial Builders: https://www.buildingservicesaustralia.com.au

Waterproofing Services for Basements 


VIDEO - Crack Injection for Water Leaks in Basements 

  • Many of buildings, commercial apartments and retail involve basements for underground car parking, storage, and utility areas.
  • For commercial buildings, water leaks can ruin expensive equipment and disrupt business and finishes and furnishings damaged in the case of residential buildings.
  • The aim  of basement is to totally waterproof the exterior concrete walls of a below ground structure and totally eliminate the possibility of water penetration.
  • Basement tanking can be difficult to repair and needs careful consideration as you only have one opportunity to get it right!

Repairs to Concrete and Metal Roofs 

VIDEO - Roof Waterproofing Repair System

  •  Our Waterproofing Team can overcoat and waterproof a rooftop surface without the cost and inconvenience of removal. 
  • This is an enormous cost & time saving method and incredibly less disruptive - especially for commercial and infrastructure buildings. 
  • Restoring leaking rooftops and failed existing membranes with spray applied Liquid Rubber provides a long term solution for all roof types i.e concrete, timber, metal.
Metal Roof Waterproofing

Metal Roof Waterproofing

Flat Roof Waterproofing

Under Concrete Slab Waterproofing

VIDEO - Under Slab Case Study 

Under Concrete Slab Waterproofing
Liquid Waterproofing Membranes Foundations

Liquid Waterproofing Membranes Foundations

  • Vapour Barriers can be applied to walls and to underground roof slabs, providing a continuous heavy duty moisture/ waterproof membrane.
  • Heavy duty LIquid Applied composite membranes are suitable to successfully seal vapours from reclaimed construction sites: reclaimed petrol station sites, chemical factory sites and seal off basements against radon gas.
  • Liquid Membranes form a permanently seamless membrane and are ideal for awkward roof details such as pipe penetrations, upstands & gutters.

Waterproofing Company in Melbourne

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