Leaking Balcony, Deck, Rooftop – Repair & Restore (Melbourne)

January 25, 2018

Waterproofing balconies require best practice together with quality products  

Balconies are often designed over habitable living spaces and water leaks can be catastrophic to the substructure below.


How to Repair & Restore Leaking Balconies

Experts suspect poor waterproofing in Berkeley balcony collapse that killed six and injured seven.

Why Balconies Leak

  • Obviously waterproofing membrane failures are caused by a variety of reasons however recent projects have highlighted an interesting cause.
  • Construction methods are always changing and adapting.
    • Balconies require adequate fall to allow water run off to an exit or drainage point/s. Balconies with minimum fall will have water "ponding" or standing on the tiles which will then slowly seep down to the waterproofing membrane.
  • Many waterproofing membranes are not designed to hold” water or sustain ponding water as it is better described. Liquid Rubber can withstand ponding water.
  • The waterproofing membrane which, given time and  with thermal expansion / contraction - will cause break down or joint failure with subsequent balcony leaks.
Balcony Defects & Water Leaks

I have been in the construction game for over 30 years, either as a Registered Building Practitioner myself & owner of Findlay & Evans Waterproofing.

I have recently noticed, either for reasons of design and/or cost considerations, subtle construction changes which have a direct impact on the success or otherwise of balcony waterproofing membranes.

​Australia Must Improve Waterproofing Standards and Practices  

​Article publish "Construction"  October 2017 - READ HERE

How Design Affects Waterproofing Method 

  • Balcony design has a significant effect on the choice of waterproofing product, the application of membranes and tile adhesives used.
  • The membrane must be capable of “ponding water” and the application must proceed with meticulous preparation to ensure detailing is installed correctly.
sheet waterproofing membrane
sheet waterproofing membrane
  • Unfortunately these issues are not always taken into consideration when contractors/specifiers/designers are considering waterproofing methodology for balconies designed with minimal fall.

Australian Standards & Balcony Design 

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melbourne balcony waterproofing membrane

Tiled Balconies & Water Leaks 

  • Tiled balconies move with the normal temperature and humidity fluctuations that occur within buildings.
  • Balcony tiles must accommodate for structural expansion and contraction activity.
  • Expansion joints  will allow this and are a critical component of good balcony design. 
  • When dark coloured tiles have been selected, it is important to increase the number of expansion joints. 
  • This is because  dark colored tiles "grow" after being laid due to moisture absorption into the tile biscuit.

If there are minimal expansion joints, with time and movement the  upward force will close causing the tiles to pop and lift off/crack, puncturing the membrane by tearing holes in it - and subsequently causing leaks.

  • Failure to lay out the tile field will likely cause balcony leaks.tiles correctly will frequently produce a system failure.
  • This is because of expansion of tiles, causing  tiles to compress against each other.
  • In the absence or lack of expansion joints, the only release of this tension is to force the tiles upwards - thus tearing the waterproof membrane below and breeching the membrane.
Balcony Defects & Water Leaks

Best ​Waterproofing System for Balconies

Liquid Rubber Membranes - Rapid Spray On Waterproofing


Liquid Rubber  - Waterproofing Product for Balconies Repairs & New Construction

  • Liquid Rubber is spray applied seamlessly onto concrete, steel, metal
  • Flexible and elastic so can move with substrate.
  • UV resistant so does not crack or degrade with UV light.
  • Unlike most coatings, can be applied on damp surfaces
  • Installation is quick and cost effective.
  • Suitable for internal and external areas.
  • A liquid waterproof coating is a tough,chemical and UV resistant membrane.
commercial balcony waterproofing Melbourne

Liquid Rubber Waterproofing Membrane

Liquid Rubber is our waterproofing product  of choice for balconies and above ground waterproofing.
Liquid Rubber Waterproofing

Commercial & Industrial Waterproofing Projects

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